Guardia, Montes & Asociados es una firma de abogados con amplia experiencia en proveer a sus clientes servicios especializados en derecho, de una manera ágil y eficiente. Atendemos tanto a empresas como a empresarios independientes. Nuestro Firma es lo suficientemente pequeña como para escuchar a nuestros clientes, pero lo suficientemente grande como para manejar sus casos y las situaciones complejas que a estos se le presenten.

Los asuntos legales de cada cliente están en manos de un abogado especialista con amplia experiencia en brindar asesoría legal.

Noticias & Artículos


New government requirement for the corporations and legal entities

During the first trimester of 2019, all the corporations and legal entities have the obligation to provide to the Tax Administration, to the Costa Rican Drugs Institute, and to the Central Bank of Costa Rica, the capital stock of each company in order to identify the final beneficiaries of each enti
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¿Have you ever had any problems with drones?

The use of drones has increased in Costa Rica over the last few years. It is common to see these aircrafts flying over concerts or sports events, filming artistic videos or movies, and even in private events. Consequently, on February 2018, the Nacional Aviation Department, or DNAC for its name in S
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Costa Rica has enacted a new statute that taxes legal entities – Statute 9428

The TAX APPLICABLE TO LEGAL ENTITIES under STATUTE No. 9428 shall enter into force on the first day of September of this year. The purpose of the new statute is collecting public funding in order to fight criminality. As it is known, this piece of statute provides the entry into force of a tax over
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Free Trade Zones

Costa Rican Free Trade Zones (FTZ), known in Spanish as “zonas francas,” offer member companies a wide range of financial incentives and benefits. FTZs are open to export manufacturing companies, export trade companies (not producers), export service companies, organizations engaged in s
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